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At Charlie's Wells Irrigation, our team is knowledgeable about customizing irrigation and sprinkler solutions that fit your landscape's unique concerns. We are committed to sustainable practices that optimize resource use and provide hassle-free, healthy outdoor space. With our help, your irrigation system will provide the ideal coverage and watering consistency your yard needs.

Comprehensive Irrigation Solutions

We recognize the importance of a well-hydrated lawn and tailor our services to keep your landscape vibrant and healthy. Irrigation installation and sprinkler installation are foundational services we provide. Our approach to installing irrigation systems is meticulous and customized to your lawn's requirements and the seasonal climate concerns in St. Petersburg. We strategically place the sprinkler head to deliver water efficiently across your landscape. With a new installation, you can expect a seamless system integration into your lawn, promoting a sustainable and flourishing outdoor space.

Irrigation and sprinkler repair are critical to maintaining the health of your lawn. Our repair services address any issues that may arise, from leaks to system failures, with precision and speed. We offer water mitigation solutions to manage and prevent the problems associated with excess water. For those who rely on wells, our well installation and repair services offer a consistent and quality water supply to your irrigation system while adhering to local regulations and environmental considerations.

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How Often Should an Irrigation System Be Serviced?

An irrigation system should typically be serviced at least twice a year, once in the spring to prepare for the active growing season and once in the fall to drain and protect it from cooler temperatures. 

However, several factors can affect this general guideline, necessitating more frequent servicing:

  • Climate: The humid climate of St. Petersburg may require additional check-ups to adjust for the seasonal impact on the system.
  • System age: Older systems often need more frequent maintenance as components wear out or become obsolete.
  • Usage frequency: Systems that run daily or near-daily will experience wear faster than those used less frequently, prompting more regular service.
  • Water quality: If your water source contains a high mineral content or debris, it can cause clogs or wear in the system, requiring more attention.
  • Landscape changes: Modifications to your landscaping, such as adding new plantings or changes in land grading, can affect your irrigation needs.
  • Vegetation growth: Overgrown vegetation can obstruct sprinkler heads and may require adjustments to your system for proper coverage.
  • Visible performance issues: If you notice uneven watering, reduced water pressure, or other performance irregularities, it's time for a service check.
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Five-Star Reviews in Your Neighborhood

See what our valued customers have to say about working with us!
    "Very knowledgeable and competent. Our sprinkler system got beaten up during a cable installation. There was damage to the piping, valves, and electrical controls. Charlie's Wells Irrigation was able to figure out the issues and put it back together again."
    - James W.
    "I had an emergency well issue and called looking for a quick response. They arrived and fixed the problem. Very friendly crew, highly recommend."
    - Craig K.
    "We hired Charlie's Wells Irrigation to fix the leak in the sprinkler system under our sidewalk. They found the problem, came up with the solution, and had it repaired completely in 3 hours! They are professional, hardworking, and respectful."
    - Patsy M.
    "I've used Charlie's Wells Irrigation a few times and they have exceeded expectations."
    - Clint O.
    "Always prompt and on time for every appointment. They are very knowledgeable and quick to resolve my irrigation problems. Highly recommended!"
    - Ed S.
    "Fast service and they fixed our irrigation problems without a huge bill. We will be using them for our sprinklers from here on out."
    - Christian C.
    "Excellent service! Charlie was instrumental in getting our daughter’s 30-year-old broken sprinkler system up and running again within our budget. The knowledgeable technicians needed to repair and replace a badly deteriorated system."
    - Carl O.
    "My lawn sprinkler pump stopped pumping water. Tony quickly diagnosed the problem and made the necessary repairs. He had me up and running in less than an hour! Excellent work, highly recommended!"
    - Stephen B.

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